Cost of Valve Replacement Surgery

cost  valve replacement surgery

Are you planning to undergo Heart Valve Replacement Surgery? Then you can review cost of Valve Replacement Surgery across various countries in this article. In general the cost of Valve Replacement Surgery depends on several factors such as place of surgery, type of valve

replacement and patient’s condition, number of days of stay in the hospital, level of affected condition of the patient and much more factors.

The American Medical Association (AMA) has done a comparison study of cost of valve replacement surgery across the world over different counties. Of all the reports made, the most economic valve replacement surgery provider is India with its dedicated services. The comparison of cost of this surgery is as follows.

• A Heart Valve Replacement Surgery will cost around $200000 when done at U.S. It will cost around $90000 at Britain, $12500 at Singapore and $10000 at Thailand. However, it costs only around $8000 in India.

• Although the European countries such as Belgium and Germany demand low cost than the U.S countries, those rates are comparatively higher than cost of Valve Replacement Surgery in India.

• According to the data of AMA, India is the lowest expensive country compared to other countries for this surgery. Irrespective of low cost service, India provides sophisticated health care and quality treatments equal to those of western countries.

• The above said charges are of approximate values and it can vary from hospital to hospital. In U.S the cost of this surgery can go down to $140000 based on the hospital chosen.

• Depending on the amount charged by the hospital, the services can differ in various aspects such as quality of hosting, room allotting, attendant service hours, etc.

While paying the cost of surgery at the hospital, clearly know what this cost covers for the patient. Generally the amount paid for the surgery includes diet and nursing charges, routine carrying out of lab tests, OT charges and surgeon fees and cost of the valve that is replaced.

However, the amount paid does not include cost of hospital stay after the prescribed period, visiting charges during the extra stay, cross consultations in case it is needed.

The cost of valve replacement surgery mentioned in any hospital will be valid only for a limited period of time. It can vary with currency fluctuations and due to any other unforeseen reasons.

Also the package explored with you by the Physician before the surgery does not usually include the treatment of unrelated illness or any other procedures carried out on need.

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