Virtual Brain Surgery

Virtual brain surgery is one of the modern concepts that is propagated by most of the medical institutions and one will often have plenty of doubts on the actual need of the virtual brain surgery, in present days.

Multiple agencies related with animal welfare activists now a days make comments, if one resorts to the teaching of intricate techniques of brain surgery by doing surgery in a live frog or rabbit. Most of animal activists are of opinion that virtual brain surgery is the need of the hour for the enhancement of learning efficiency among trainees.

Further, it is to be understood that still it is possible for a trainee in the medical profession to understand effectively the methodology with which an experienced and famous surgeon exercises his surgical skill by simply observing and interacting with the computer based simulated models of the surgical events in an operation theatre. The development of virtual brain surgery models can actively help the enrichment of understandings acquired earlier by reading multiple resources available routinely in various libraries of the educational institutions.

Interactions among persons with computer based skills, surgeons and anatomists will be of definite help in the actual simulation of various blood vessels supplying cerebral tissues and different lobes of brain like temporal lobe, frontal lobe etc. The resultant product subsequent to the understandings will surely reveal the virtual models of the brain illustrating the location, site of surgical interference, length of incisions to be made on brain tissues, precautions to be maintained during such surgical techniques, complications of surgery that are likely to be encountered during actual surgery involving brain.

Virtual brain surgery and learning mindset among trainees

The virtual brain surgery helps to avoid the unnecessary sacrifices of some animal species, just for the purpose of surgical demonstrations for the concerned trainees. Since the learning processes completely depend on events made through images simulating various structures of brain and related structures, the trainees often get excited during their handling of such carefully placed simulated images of surgery in case of brain and related tissues.

The color coding made on various arteries and veins related with both right and left cerebral hemispheres develops automatically more interest among trainees to acquire the basic knowledge on know how of brain surgery in any medical institution. Since most of the trainees are well aware of basics of the computer and it’s operation, it becomes increasingly easy even for a beginner to learn the well planned and placed virtual brain surgery in digital images.


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