Brain Tumor Surgery

Brain tumor surgery always is considered as a major surgery. Since brain is the structure involved in the neuronal regulation of impulses in the body, the surgery involves carefully placed incisions with subsequent handling of tissues in the brain and related structures.

Brain tumor surgery often needs good expertise because of the fact that multiple functions are involved with structures like cerebellum, cerebrum, medulla oblongata etc. The medical personnel capable of performing successful brain tumor surgery need to exercise more cautions during execution of the surgical techniques. If not, the surgery may even end up in unwanted complications like accumulation of blood in brain and vestibular functions may be affected.

Brain tumor surgery and tests before surgery

Brain tumor surgery is not done in a hasty manner and often various tests are usually conducted before the surgical operations. Most of the times, patient has to undergo radiographic examination of the skull accompanied by advanced scanning technologies. If any involvement of the central nervous system is suspected before conducting of brain tumor surgery, cerebrospinal fluid will be examined for protein content, cells etc.

Proper analysis of this fluid will yield information on the presence of concurrent inflammatory reactions and infections. Hence, a thorough examination is a mandate before the surgical intervention of tumors in brain and related structures.

The surgeons dealing with brain tumor are aware of the fact that signs are slow in occurrence and often with development of metastasis, signs are not much apparent. Seizures may be more pronounced in certain patients before undergoing brain tumor surgery

Brain tumor surgery is highly warranted particularly in advanced state and during such occasions, the affected persons will reveal signs like disturbed coordination of limbs during walking, absence of coherence in speech etc. The tumor surgery associates with removal of either solitary tumor or multiple tumors.

If there is an extensive metastasis on various structures of the organ or various places of body, then the success of brain tumor surgery may be questionable and hence, the surgeons performing the brain tumor surgery will understand about the poor prognosis in such cases.

Patients undergoing brain tumor surgery has to be educated on tumors and their effects on body. It is noteworthy to mention that if the tumors spread distally in nervous system, as the case with occurrence of tumors in choroids plexus. The surgeon doing brain tumor surgery should have thorough knowledge on all these features including the anatomical structures of brain and their functions in body.


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