Split Brain Surgery

Split brain surgery may be considered as one of the highly refined surgical techniques that are performed by skilled surgeons in an established hospital and unlike an ordinary surgery, the split brain surgery often involves surgical interference with the nerve fibers that are crossing the region of brain called corpus callosum. This area is considered to be one of the highly sensitive areas in the brain structures because of the crossing of the neurons to both right and left sides at this site.

The surgeon needs to educate the patient on significance of split brain surgery and similarly the patient has to cooperate in all ways, not only in adapting clinical precautions before these specialized surgical procedures but also in undertaking post operative care, as suggested by the neurosurgeons.

By removal of connections- mostly the neurons crossing the pathway at corpus callosum, the neurosurgeons are able to reduce the passage of impulses that are associated with occurrence of seizures.

Often, entire crossing structures are not cut off surgically in the initial stage itself and only when still the split brain surgery fails to make complete recovery for the patient from seizures, then the surgeon attempts to cut down the entire crossing structures at this region. However, it is always to be remembered that split brain surgery is not the only solution for the management of seizures in a generalized form

Seizures and split brain surgery

The split brain surgery is not generally carried out in patients with some outgrowths like tumors in brain but with absence of history of occurrence of seizures. Patient with history of recurrent seizures are perhaps specifically suggested to undergo many laboratory examinations including scanning procedures, radiographic examinations etc. Complete medical history is being obtained from the concerned patient about the occurrence of seizures.

Split brain surgery is generally carried out in patients with recurrent and generalized seizures and these patients earlier might have been suggested various therapeutic regimen earlier and despite all these treatments, the clinical condition could not be cured in them.

These patients will be undergoing split brain surgery, only by reputed surgeons who take utmost care in the entire surgical procedures and this surgery is considered as one of the complicated but at the same time a more significant surgical intervention and emphasis for this type of surgery is mainly due to the considerable importance of the region in which this split surgery is to be carried out.


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