Open Brain Surgery

Open brain surgery is warranted particularly in case of multiple fractures of skull, severely bleeding wounds in brain or associated structures, severe loss of tissues in skull, as happens in case of trauma during accidents, falling of heavy objects on skull, damaging tissues over wide areas of skull.

Open brain surgery is to be taken as one of the surgical techniques that needs to be exercised with great care and clinical precautions. The possibilities of development of infections are comparatively more if aseptic procedure is not maintained properly in the surgical theatre in which open brain surgery is performed.

Occurrence of abscesses in the operated patients have been encountered in some patients who have not taken proper post operative care after undergoing open brain surgery and hence both before and after the open brain surgery, one has to take adequate care.

Open brain surgeries may involve conditions like persistent aneurysms of various blood vessels of brain and related tissues. The patient needs to be monitored closely for the occurrence of any hemorrhage in the operated site and in certain cases, the surgeon may have to repeat the operation at the brain region to rectify the unwanted occurrence of hemorrhages or wider congestion of the different lobes of brain.

Since many functions are being carried out in a systematic manner by different lobes of brain, extreme caution is always exercised during carrying out of open brain surgeries by neurosurgeon and removal of some components of brain and related tissues will often result in loss of certain specified functions carried out by systematic discharges made by various regions of brain

Patients to be subjected for the open brain surgeries may be requested to undergo tests related with papillary light responses, postural defects like interference in righting reflexes, patellar reflexes, consciousness related laboratory examinations like exhibition of proper response to visual stimuli, auditory stimuli, noxious stimuli etc.

Management measures related to human head trauma are to be meticulously carried out in those patients met with accidents involving automobiles. Most of the times, the head trauma management in human becomes an emergency one warranting an immediate open brain surgery and if bleeding is observed excessively over wider regions of brain , the prognosis of such cases become highly guarded and the surgeon performing open brain surgery is well aware of the fact that if there is a rise of intra cranial pressure in a patient, this may be often followed by occurrence of severe cerebral damage, deranged partial pressure of carbon dioxide and oxygen level.


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