Brain Aneurysm Surgery

Brain aneurysm surgery is one of the precisely exercised surgical techniques in patients having dilation of blood vessels in brain- the vital organ of the body. Most of the times, multiple agents are associated with the development of aneurysm in brain vessels.

The brain aneurysm surgery relates both surgery and medical management. Doctors in various countries are performing the brain aneurysm surgery, adapting various methods.

Brain aneurysm surgery is carried out subsequent to obtaining of specific diagnostic clues from various diagnostic procedures, like injection of specific dyes into the blood vessels supplying brain region. If specific diagnostic features are not encountered, the decision on undertaking of brain aneurysm surgery may be delayed.

Additionally the brain aneurysm surgery may be of clinically more helpful to the patient especially if the patient is affected by saccular type of aneurysm, wherein there is a formation of pouch on one side of blood vessel supplying brain structures. Aneurysm is dealt without any damage to adjacent tissues of brain.

The brain aneurysm surgery is to be carried out by trained medical personnel only. Extreme care is required particularly when the aneurysm involves formation of abnormal communication between an artery and vein related parts of brain.

The surgeon performing brain aneurysms surgery is well aware of the associated multiple factors that are capable of leading to the occurrence of aneurysm in the vessels of brain. Hence, patient has to undergo various laboratory examinations like estimation of packed cell volume and serum level of cholesterol.

Before performing the brain aneurysm surgery, the medical personnel often encounter the history of modified blood pressure levels persisting for a prolonged period in the affected persons. Hence, often patient is being requested to measure the blood pressure frequently before the detailed examination. Certain times, the persons undergoing surgery may not have adequate hemoglobin level in their blood and hence, this clinical problem is to be managed before surgery.

Brain aneurysms surgery often involves exploration of blood vessels supplying brain tissues and careful micro-surgical techniques are involved in these procedures. The surgical techniques in brain may involve linking of various blood vessels and thereby reducing the dilation effects that existed prior to the surgery.

Perhaps the brain aneurysms surgery may become an instant remedial surgical intervention, when the medical treatment fails to bring the desired response in the affected persons. Since this brain aneurysms surgery interferes with the integrity of various microscopic structures in brain tissues, anesthesia is given to the affected person before surgery and maximum care is undertaken on such occasions.


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