Brain Surgery Process & its Complications

In human body, different organs often warrant surgery, whenever there is structural damage in particular or alterations in the anatomical structures of the organs, as the case with abnormal growths from either within or nearby structures.

Brain surgery always gain maximum importance in human beings and this is mainly because of the multiple functional roles performed by various structures of brain like telencephalon, pons, cerebral hemisphere, corpus callosum, cerebellum, medulla , thalamus, hypothalamus etc.

The unique placement of this sensitive organ in the skull further complicate the brain surgery both in strategies of approach and treatment of various conditions affecting brain.

If extensive brain surgery are performed in frontal lobe of brain, the functions like ability to abstract, decision making and reasoning may get affected in patients. Hence, brain surgery are undertaken with great cautions. Various functions of structures of brain like parietal lobe, temporal lobe and occipital lobe are always given equal and maximum importance, before conducting of any.

Brain surgery are generally carried out by surgeons who are specialized in such operations and the scanning technologies reveal the size of the brain and help to rule out any abnormal growths on brain. Once the abnormalities are confirmed on brain and related structures, surgical procedures are carried out immediately.

If we rule out the conditions that warrant brain surgery, the automobiles related accidents become the chief events that immediately demand brain surgery and in such occasions, the surgery need to be performed as an emergency measure.

Occurrence of head injuries as happens with car or bike accidents may be quoted as an example of such condition that warrants immediate surgical intervention in brain. If the brain surgery are delayed in such occasions, significant complications may occur in those patients and even death may occur in such occasions. Vascular status of brain is given special emphasis during such surgery.

Various reflex oriented tests are conducted before brain surgeries and knowledge on various conductive mechanisms of brain and related tissues is important for the concerned surgical expert and this will be of helpful in executing good surgical procedures.

Similarly, persons fallen from height often may be in need of immediate brain surgeries because of the fact that skull gets opened in such occasions leading to hematoma or structural damage to various structures of brain. Some times, bacterial affections involving various components of brain may end up as conditions that warrant brain surgeries and however, the diagnosis of such conditions often pose problems in general.


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