Brain Surgery and Stimulation

Brain surgery has become an essential one whenever the medical management of the patient fails to reveal a proper and expected response and when there is existence of a strong opinion among neurosurgeons favoring the application of this specialized surgical technique.

However, the type of surgical decision related with brain surgery can be taken, only when the neurosurgeon has sound knowledge on various anatomical structures of brain, in addition to the general surgical skill.

Brain surgery may be required if the stimulation effects made through various means like placement of specific impulse passing gadgets like electrodes are expected to produce therapeutic response in the affected patient, revealing some serious nervous signs.

However, as in any case, the surgeon needs to be well aware on specific areas of brain that discharge different kinds of impulses, different lobes including frontal and temporal lobes, type of signs generated by various impulses generated in the tissues of both right and left cerebral hemispheres, medulla oblongata, cerebrum etc.

The stimulatory effects in brain need to be monitored closely in order to avoid probabilities of passage of excessive impulses and in those occasions, the condition of the patient may get worsened by means of aggravation of signs. Finally, the reputation of surgeon may be spoiled and hence, the role of neurosurgeon is of significant one in case of any brain surgery.

The brain surgery if performed in a less skilled manner, it may produce many unwanted reactions in a patient and finally, the surgical interference may have to be repeated. Similarly, if infection gets established at the site of stimulation, the surgery needs to be repeated subsequent to the removal of stimulation causing gadgets in the patient’s body.

Patients undergone such brain surgery need to take adequate rest without tedious travel immediately after undergoing of this surgery. Absence of properly carried out surgery and absence of precautions to be carried out by the patient during and after the brain surgery will pave ways that may lead to failure in proper recovery of patient.

Long term monitoring of patient who has undergone the brain stimulation surgery needs to be carried out systematically and hence, the abnormal symptom if any may become obvious in the body of patient. Additionally, the type of interactions carried out by the patient with the neurosurgeon associated will help in immediate and early identification of any such abnormal sign due to the brain stimulation surgery carried out earlier.


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