Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

Deep brain stimulation surgery is one of the refined surgical technique adapted in patients with pronounced signs like continuous tremors, total absence of coordination of movements, enhanced or depressed movement pattern etc. and the surgeon often considers this surgery in these events, in addition to the neurological signs that become intolerable to the patient in the normal course of life.

Deep brain stimulation surgery needs a skilled surgeon in addition to the neurologist and often, this type of surgical technique is preferred in case of geriatric patients revealing the pronounced nervous signs.

However, it is to be understood that this can be performed in young age also but comparatively the incidences demanding deep brain stimulation surgery is rare in the young age group. Since signs of pain are not associated with brain surgery carried, local anesthetic is injected into skull and the electrode placement is generally carried out in patients when they are awake.

If any of the patients with serious nervous signs has not responded to medicaments over a course of time, then the deep brain stimulation surgery may be considered. The electrodes are often made of lead and placement of these electrodes is to be done carefully under direct observation of computerized images of brain and such computer image aided placement procedure in this stimulation surgery is of highly helpful in the precise placement of specially made electrodes in brain at deeper sites.

Deep brain stimulation surgery is related with the initial placement of various electrodes as pathways of channels for passage of nervous impulses and decision on selection of deep site in brain for the placement of electrodes is based on the knowledge of the surgeon on various structures of brain and related tissues.

The computerized images on brain will help the surgeon to have enriched information on the site of location of various electrodes deeply in the brain tissues and once the electrodes are placed deep in the brain, the channel is connected by a wire that passes through the skull to external areas of body and this wire will be ultimately connected to a impulse regulator.

However, this impulse generator used in this deep brain stimulation surgery needs to be placed by implantation, in any patient, under general anesthesia. This impulse generator needs top be programmed and checked frequently for the proper generation of impulses. The battery of tiny size placed will be of helpful in making continuous impulses in this deep brain stimulation surgery.


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