Ultrasonic Liposuction and its Repercussions

Liposuction procedure assisted by ultrasonic is known as ultrasonic liposuction. This kind of liposuction failed in United States due to many resultant risks and complications and majority of the surgeons shunned the very idea of ultrasonic liposuction itself.

Many popular and experienced cosmetic surgeons found ultrasonic liposuction to be unsafe and hence never recommend or perform such liposuction procedure.

In Europe when the so called sophisticated devices meant for carrying out ultrasonic liposuction were marketed, many doctors started facing serious problems and made complaints that eventually got the devices removed from the market totally.

However, the ultrasonic liposuction appliances made its entry into US markets with a new marketing mantra or tag as “new and improved” and with claims of being ultimate and medically sophisticated device for liposuction.

Once the devices failed to establish the tall claims made by the company, American doctors took a propaganda against the efficacy of the device and stopped using the ultrasonic liposuction procedure itself totally and that eventually saw the company going bankrupt within a short period.

Ultrasonic liposuction was identified to result in clotting of blood, damaging peripheral nerves, and is the cause for infecting the fluids. Out of the various risks, damage to peripheral nerves in arms, legs, and face are more dangerous and is capable of even offsetting all the benefits derived out of liposuction.

Though few web sites claim that ultrasonic liposuction results are similar to any other existing liposuction procedures if done as an enhancement, in reality people who undergo ultrasonic liposuction are only facing increased risks.

Dangers of Ultrasonic Liposuction

The associated risks in ultrasonic liposuction doesn’t stop with usual scarring, excess fluid retention and bruising. The dangers are far more, even if the experienced surgeons handle the procedure and hence it is better for you to get all the related information about the doctor’s experiences including his privilege of providing treatment in other hospitals.

Few people even started experiencing complications long after ultrasonic liposuction has been performed on them. Skin ripping is one of the related complications that people suffer from and may require additional procedures for correction.

Further due to changes in pigmentation, patient may develop brown spots over the body area, which again severely compromise on looks and the patient may need to spend more on other cosmetic procedures for setting right the brown spots.

The patients’ alcohol addiction, smoking habits and even few prescribed medicines can result in more complications in ultrasonic liposuction surgery.

Further uncontrolled diabetic situation coupled with above-mentioned habits may interfere with the healing process and cause severe post-surgery complications.

All the patients who are likely to undergo ultrasonic liposuction are supposed to reveal all their medical condition and even a trivial allergic condition may severely affect the success rate.

One should take care to give importance in avoiding the potentially dangerous risks while undergoing any liposuction procedures including the ultrasonic liposuction.

The dangers include damage to vital internal organs, allergic reactions, huge blood loss, seizures, hypothermia and other related complications. Give enough thought and efforts before taking up any liposuction procedure and you should not end up in more complications in your pursuit of improving looks.

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