Financing for Liposuction

Need for Financing Liposuction

Many people desire to undergo liposuction and get a slim physique. But they hesitate by looking at the cost of it since there is no insurance coverage for liposuction surgeries.

One convincing fact is that cost of liposuction is comparatively cheap when compared to the cost of other cosmetic surgeries. However cost of a single liposuction ranges from $2000 to $12000 depending on the area of liposuction and size of that area. In addition, the fat might get accumulated in multiple areas in your body.

Hence liposuction has to be performed in multiple areas. This might be expensive to pay in single payment. Hence most of them prefer to have some financing options for liposuction.

Financing Options for Liposuction

Rather than paying the entire cost of liposuction in single payment through cash, certain other financial options are available for easy payment. They are listed below:

Payment through Credit Card– Though this seems to be a reasonable financing option, if you pay huge amount through credit card then you will end up in paying high interest rate.

• Payment to Surgeon in Monthly Installments – Few of the surgeons accept to get the liposuction payment in monthly installments.

• Availing Elective Surgery Loan From Financial Institutions - This is the best financing option for liposuction. Many financial institutions offer elective surgery loan, a loan for surgery which is not really needed but the patient requires it to improve his physique.

This loan is indeed an unsecured loan, meaning that you need not pledge any of your property to avail this loan. The loan amount is sanctioned based on your need and your credit history. If you have a maintained good credit then getting a loan is very easy.

Best Financial Institutions

Many financial institutions cheat by providing loans for high interest rates and high monthly installments. There are genuine financial institutions that offer elective surgery loan for less interest rates and monthly installment that suits you. In addition, they do not levy prepayment penalties. Two such genuine financial institutions, along with their website address are listed below:

• CareCredit HealthCare Finance –

• Unicorn Financial Services -

You can approach the website of these firms, fill the online application and get the loan sanctioned in just few days time. After the loan gets approved, take a printout of this loan approval document and submit it to your surgeon. The surgeon will readily fix a date for your liposuction.

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