Facial Micro Liposuction

What is Micro Liposuction?

Micro Liposuction, as the name insists is the micro procedure of liposuction. It removes tiny fat that is accumulated in your face, neck and lips. This type of liposuction is getting very famous in United States. Because of less scars and fast recovery, many people are undertaking this surgery.

How is Micro Liposuction Different from Normal Liposuction?
Micro liposuction has a very small cannula with diameter falling in the range of 1.5 mm to the range of 6mm. But normal liposuction will have a comparatively large cannula which will remove large quantity of fat deposits.

Micro liposuction is used to remove very minute lumps as well as ripples in the skin that cannot be detected and removed using large cannula in normal liposuction. Moreover when a patient undergoes micro liposuction, recovery happens very soon when compared to normal liposuction.

And it doesn’t have side affects. Most of all, when fat is removed from an area through micro liposuction, fat doesn’t get accumulated in the same area again. Cost wise, micro liposuction is cheaper and affordable when compared to normal liposuction.

About Facial Micro Liposuction

If you are happy with your body weight, but you wanted to remove fat from your face including cheeks and chin, then you can do it easily using Facial Micro Liposuction. This is also termed as Facial Micro Suction.

If you have more fat accumulation in your face and body, then you can first undergo normal liposuction to remove large quantity of fat. Then you can undergo micro liposuction to remove the remaining fat sediments that are very small and hard to remove using normal liposuction.

In Facial Micro Liposuction, very tiny incisions will be done in your face and a very small cannula will be passed through the incision. This cannula will detect the minute fat accumulated in your face and it will remove it.

At the end of the surgery, you will feel swelling, bruising along with a discomfort for 1 week to 10 days time. The changes in your face due to liposuction can be seen in 3 months to 6 months time.

Advantages of Facial Micro Liposuction

• It is proven that when fat is removed from your face through facial micro liposuction, fat doesn’t get accumulated in that place again.

• Since it is done by making very tiny incisions, you can hardly see the scars.

• You can go back to home on the same day of the surgery and start doing your routine activities in couple of days time.

• Its cost is very reasonable and affordable, it will be in the range of 2600$ to 3600$.

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