Treating Mouth Cancer Through Oral Cancer Surgery

Oral cancer surgery is the oldest option that is used to remove the cancerous cells from the mouth. The mass of cancerous cells can be detected using CT scan and the MRI scan.

A biopsy is taken and analyzed for the presence of oral cancer. Another way of diagnosing the oral cancer before an oral cancer surgery is the use of Positron Emission Tomography (PET).

The primary and metastatic tumors are easily detected using the PET. The principle behind this detection is the rapid absorption of glucose by the cancerous cells since they multiply very fast.

Ultra sonography and radionuclide scanning are also used to detect the presence of cancer. Radionuclide is used to find out whether cancer has spread out to other organs of the body.

The stage of the cancer should be known before a treatment is started for oral cancer.Oral cancer surgery can be done for many purposes like preventing oral cancer; diagnosing, staging, curing etc. a preventive oral cancer surgery is done to remove the malignant cells that might become cancerous cells in the near future.

Diagnostic oral cancer surgery is done to take sample from the tissue and to analyze whether it is a cancerous growth. Oral cancer surgery for staging is also done apart from the other methods used to determine the clinical stage of the oral cancer.

Oral cancer surgery for curing the cancer is done by removing the cancerous cells or tumor in a particular area. This kind of oral caner surgery is the main treatment for oral cancer.

An oral cancer surgery can also be combined with other types of treatment like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. In some cases the chemotherapy and the radiation therapy are given prior to the oral cancer surgery or after the oral cancer surgery.

Cytoreductive oral cancer surgery is used to reduce the mass of the cancerous cells and subsequently a radiation or chemo therapy is used. Reducing the pain due to oral cancer can be done by a palliative oral cancer surgery.

The primary aim of this surgery is to reduce the pain in the patient. Another type of oral cancer surgery that is used is the reconstructive or restorative oral cancer surgery.

This type of oral cancer surgery is used to bring back the appearance to the patient after a oral cancer surgery. Tissue flaps, grafts, and other materials are used for this type of restorative oral cancer surgery.


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