Open Ventral Hernia Surgery Recovery

The incisional hernia is generally treated with a surgery and might involve few complications but if the surgery is performed well and proper care is taken i.e. prior or post-ventral hernia surgery positive results can be anticipated. So in order to correct or repair ventral hernia the surgeries can be undertaken.

Generally, the two surgical approaches used quite often and are quite reliable to correct incisional or vernal hernia are laporoscopic incisional herniorrhaphy it uses only the small incisions and a tube like instrument with a camera is attached to its tip. The other quite conventional approach is open ventral hernia repair procedure.

This uses the larger abdominal incision. The open ventral hernia surgery is quite recommendable to those who are extremely obese as it may require an open procedure to fatty layers, which have to be removed from the abdominal part, open procedure, or open ventral hernia surgery becomes quite necessary if the intestine have become trapped in the hernia.

Before undertaking the open ventral hernia surgery, the proper diagnosis should be made. The patient’s symptoms and the medical history are the first step towards diagnosing incisional hernia. All prior surgeries should be discussed. The doctor may make proper analysis by checking where the maximum pain experienced, when did it first occur and further to conform the presence of hernia an ultrasound or other scans like computed tomography may be performed and if the doctor thinks it cannot be treated with medical treatment then preparation for open ventral hernia surgery can be undertaken:

Few months before the ventral hernia surgery will take place the doctor may advice the patient to lose weight to reduce the risk involved and improve the surgery results. Control of diabetics and cessation of smoking is quite crucial and recommendable to get positive surgery results.

Close to the scheduled time of open ventral hernia surgery, the patient may undergo the standard preoperative blood and urine tests. To ensure that heart lungs or major organs are functioning well the electrocardiogram and chest x ray can be undertaken
Just a week before the open ventral hernia surgery is going to take place the medications may be discontinued. Just before the day of surgery in the prior day, the patient must not eat or drink anything. Before undertaking a surgery, a tube may be placed into the vein in the arm to deliver medication and fluid during the surgery.

A sedative or narcotic may be given to the patient before the surgery to relax him.It is important to realize that once the open ventral hernia surgery is performed and to ensure the proper recovery of the patient proper after care is required. Although patients are discharged on the same day of surgery if no serious complication as, incarcerated intestine is encountered.

Immediately after surgery, the patient would be kept under observation for few hours to avoid any kind of complications. Once the patient is home one thing to ensure is that, the hernia repair site should be clean and if any minute-to-minute complication encountered the surgeon or the doctor should be concerned. Hence open ventral hernia surgery can be performed but any further complications should be avoided taking proper preventive measures and after care.

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