Ways to Cope Up with Scrotal Swelling after Hernia Surgery

cope scrotal swelling

Scrotal swelling is the inflammation of the scrotum which becomes very large than the normal size and causes severe pain to the patient. This inflammation and swelling depend on certain factors. Inguninal Hernia-This type of protrusion of hernia is found in children and in the groin area.

The swelling does not pertain to the groin tissues and starts moving to the scrotum tissues area. The pain and swelling worsens on doing strenuous tasks and after lifting heavy objects.

Epididymitis-When the epididymis gets inflamed it is called the Epididymitis. This is usually spotted in the people of the age group of 18 to 36. This causes uneasiness and pain in the scrotum. The inflammation could be due to an injury, infection in the urinary tract or due to a sexually transmitted disease.

Orchitis-People who are above 45 years of age face this health issue. Patients experience inflamed testicles in the scrotum. Mostly both the testicles are swollen but the swelling in the single testicle itself can bring severe pain. This is caused due to viral or bacterial infection.

Many people face the scrotal swelling after a hernia surgery. This could be due to the pull of the protruding intestinal tissues made through the incisions in the groin area to bring the hernia to normal. This affects the scrotum making it swell which lasts from three to eight months.

The treatment for the scrotal swelling depends on the cause of the problem. However, rubbing the swollen area with an ice pack brings relief to the patient. Tight fitting comfy under wears or briefs can reduce the swelling.

Patients after hernia operation should refrain from strenuous physical activity and stop all cardio vascular exercises like running. Lifting heavy is forbidden. All these will lessen the swelling and pain to a great extent.

In case the pain is due to the urinary tract infection, proper antibiotics and painkillers can help in reducing the pain in the patient.

Home remedies like applying ice pack in the swollen area and sitz bath can help in relieving the patient from swelling and pain.

In case the pain is very severe, a towel rolled up under the scrotum and between the legs lessens the pain. The patients can wear a loose athletic supporter to perform their daily activities comfortably.

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