Dealing with Testicular Swelling after Hernia Surgery

dealing testicular swelling

Inguinal hernia also known as the groin hernia is a familiar name heard by many. Doctors diagnose this hernia when the patient complains of severe pain and lump in their groin that makes their daily activities like standing, walking and bowel movements difficult.

When the hernias develop through abdominal wall, they are the direct wall whereas when the hernias develop due to the migrating fats they are called the indirect hernia.

Men are more prone to hernias than women and the problem arises mostly in the old age due to over exertion or weight lifting and strain. In most of the cases, it is congenital and is present at the time of birth. Detection of hernia is through physical examination but a CT scan is recommended when the doctor cannot feel the lump physically.

There are two types of surgeries to repair this inguinal hernia. One is the traditional or the open type and the other the most invasive key-hole surgery or the laparoscopic type.

Scrotum is a sac hanging behind the penis, a pouch than contains the testicles. Sometimes after the hernia surgery, the patient experiences pain and swelling in this testicles or the scrotum that lasts from three to eight months after which it may subside naturally. This could be due to the tightened intestinal tissues, which have been pulled after the bulge is removed.

Orchitis is a condition where the testicles in the scrotum get inflamed. This could be due to a viral or bacterial infection. People above 45 years of age are more prone to this problem and suffer intense pain due to this testicular swelling.

An ice pack or a bag of peas in a thin towel kept on the swollen area reduces the swelling and pain. This is to be done3 to 5 times and at least for ten to fifteen minutes daily for good results.

To reduce the swelling men can wear fitting and tight briefs or under wears after hernia surgery. Heavy and strenuous work or physical exercises should be avoided to get rid of the pain and swelling. In case there is a urinary tract infection, medications like antibiotics and painkillers help to solve the problem.

Testicular swelling could also be due to hydorcele masked by the hernia symptoms. In case the problem persists or there is redness or severe swelling around the incision area consult your surgeon immediately who will take the necessary action after a proper evaluation.

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