Hernia Surgery Mesh Complications

hernia surgery mesh complications

What is Hernia Surgery?

In human body, the abdominal organs present in the abdominal cavity are enclosed by a membrane. There are chances for the breakage of this membrane due to some factors leading to

the protrusion of the abdominal organs through the openings.
Hernia is mostly a protrusion of organ through a defected tissue or wall. This is mainly treated by using a synthetic mesh which helps to cover the defected parts of wall like a patch.

Hernia Surgery Mesh

Hernia Surgery Mesh is a device that is inserted into the muscles for strengthening the abdominal walls. Usually the mesh is a piece of plastic and it is folded as half when the surgeon keeps it in place during the surgery.

Once it is placed, it is made to unfold, cover the muscles and strengthen the area which is herniated. This surgical procedure is considered as a safe procedure but it can have certain complications mainly due to the mesh used.

Hernia Surgery Mesh Complications

• Infection from Mesh: Infection from Mesh is a complication which is mainly found. The risk caused by this seems to be small, that is less than 2%. It is mainly seen in patients having complex repairs of hernia or in elderly patients.

The main symptoms of this complication include fever, swelling, pain and also discharge around the incision site. The treatment for this infection mainly includes antibiotics. Removal of mesh is also done in complicated cases.

• Organ Injuries: Organ Injuries are another possibility of risk but it is very rarely found. The organ damages includes: testicular ischemia (blood circulation towards the testicle will be cut off), the internal organs in female patients are affected, mostly intestine, bladder, kidney etc.

The complication of mesh even includes damage of organs and tissues very near to the affected area and it may result in bleeding, swelling, infertility, difficulty in urination etc. Further treatment is required for the repair.

• Complications due to Mesh Breakage: This is another serious problem found. It is mainly due to the stress which is caused in the abdomen and it can lead to intestinal problems and bowel perforations.

This problem can also cause the formation of passageways which are very unnatural and they are formed between the intestines. This complication can also cause serious infections and further treatment is needed for the betterment.

• Hernia Recurrence: Hernia Recurrence is another complication that is anticipated. Hernia can reoccur after the sinus surgery or after considerable years. In such case, the patient has to undergo the same surgery again. However, chances of this complication are very less when the hernia surgery is done with mesh.

These Hernia Surgery Mesh complications are found in only 7% of the cases. They are prevented in most of the cases. If any serious complications occur, the repaired mesh has to be removed immediately by the Surgeon.

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