Bring awareness towards Incisional hernia surgery complications!

With the growing inventions in the medical field, there are many reliable methods to get you rid of most of the medical problem. The incisional repair is also one of the surgeries to repair or correct incisional hernia.

The incisional hernia could be found in any age or among man, woman or children but most commonly find with the growing age especially among adults. Before knowing the incisional hernia surgery or it procedure there is a need to know the correct definition or what exactly incisional hernia is? Well incisional hernia also known as a ventral hernia is a swelling or bulge that occurs near or directly along a prior abdominal surgical incision.

So in order to repair the surgery performed is incisional hernia surgery which is quite widely used to repair in order to correct the weakened area that has developed or occurred in the tissues around the prior abdominal surgical incision due to any of the reason that created tension in the area and did not let the recovery or healing take place properly.

Incisional hernia may occur after the surgeries, which typically requires a small incision the naval, after the surgeries such as vascular surgery or after the smaller surgeries such as a laparoscopy or an appendectomy. They may develop just after few weeks of surgery or might develop after few years of surgery. The factors that majorly lead to development of incisional hernia could be obesity, advanced age, malnutrition, poor metabolism, dialysis, pregnancy, and other factors as well.

The two surgical techniques or approaches used to repair the incisional hernias are laporoscopic incisional herniorrhaphy or the conventional approach i.e. open repair procedure. Many considerations should be made prior, during or after the surgery due to the involvement of various incisional hernia surgery complications .
All though long-term complications seldom occur and are not that common but the short term complications may emerge and the obese patients, or those who have had multiple surgical operation have the higher exposure to the risk of developing incisional hernia.

If not proper care is taken as per under the guidance of doctor the following postoperative complications may include nerve injury, intestinal injury, postoperative bleeding prolonged suture pain urinary retention, respiratory distress, fever i.e. related to surgical wound infection, fluid buildup at the site of mesh placement.
So according to the studies or the risk of complications has been 13% and the risk of repeat surgery has been 52% but this can be avoided if proper care is taken both pre and post surgery.

Therefore, the best alternative to avoid incisional hernia surgery is to take certain preventive measures such as:

Maintaining suitable weight for age and height, learning to lift the heavy objects in the safe manner, controlling diabetics and poor metabolism, avoiding abdominal pressure, eating a healthy balanced diet, regular moderate exercise that could include walking, yoga or stretching exercises and gentle aerobics. You should also follow other such measure mentioned by your doctor or to know more about these you can do online search and can avid the complication and rather have a positive result of incisional hernia surgery.

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