What is Sinus Surgery

Sinus Surgery is a surgery usually suggested only if the medical treatment for a chronic sinus infection (sinusitis) has failed miserably. The main intension of this surgery is to remove the infected material and to open the sinus passages which are blocked.

It also helps to keep the tissues healthy and thus helps for the normal functioning of sinuses and nose.

Need for Sinus Surgery

The Sinus Surgery is essential when a person has chronic recurring sinusitis and he could not be cured through medications and non surgical treatments. This surgery helps such person by enlarging the openings and offering better drainage.

What Happens during a Sinus Surgery?

During Sinus Surgery, the anesthesiologist uses an intravenous medication along with a mixture of gas in order to keep the patient in a comfortable level.

At the time of surgery, the cardiac rhythm and the pulse oximeter is monitored continuously. The team will be ready for any kind of emergency during the surgical procedure. During the surgery a surgical technician and a nurse will accompany the surgeon and anesthesiologist. The surgery will get completed in few hours.

Different Type of Sinus Surgery

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) : In FESS, an endoscope is inserted in to the patient’s nose for examining visually the openings of sinuses. An endoscope is a very thin tube of fiber optics. By the help of micro instruments the abnormal tissues are removed.

The procedures are done mainly through the nostrils and leave no scars externally. There will be only a little swelling and discomfort. The main advantage of this surgery is that it is less extensive and removes only less normal tissues and also it is done as an outpatient procedure.

Image Guided Surgery : This surgery is advised only in the case of severe complications of chronic sinusitis, or when the sinus surgery done previously changed the anatomical landmarks, or if a person’s sinus anatomy is found to be very unusual for typical surgery.

It is a system of three dimensional mapping along with computed tomography scans and the usage of infrared signals. The navigation of surgical instruments is visualized by the surgeon with the help of infrared signals and the surgery is performed.

Caldwell Luc Operation : This method helps to improve the maxillary sinus drainage, which is a cavity below the eye. During surgery, a passage is created to join the nose and the maxillary sinus. Thus the drainage is improved. This is mostly done if a malignancy is found in sinus cavity.

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