Bilateral Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

What is Bilateral Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery?

The Bilateral Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is mainly done for the treatment of nasal polyps, sinusitis, bacterial and fungal infections and chronic sinus problems.

This surgical technique is minimally invasive in which the sinus air cells are opened for surgical process by direct visualization. The main intension of this surgery is to restore the normal functioning of sinuses.

Bilateral Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Procedure
Initially the patient is made asleep by general anesthesia and then the anesthetist passes a plastic tube into patient’s trachea through the mouth for breathing process during surgery.

The surgery is mainly done only through nostrils so that there is no visible external cut. Angled telescopes and powerful headlights are used for the surgery. The sinus openings are enlarged by using specially designed instruments with fine bone cutting and appropriate suction debriders. The blocking materials like swollen polyps or mucosa is then removed carefully.

The procedure of septoplasty, which is mainly for the straightening of central portion, is also done along with this surgery. The stitches made for the surgery will be mostly internal and the surgery takes only less than one hour. After the surgery, the patient’s nose will have a sponge dressing to soak the blood and it is kept for few hours after surgery.

Risks of Bilateral Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
Even though the procedure of the sinus or nasal surgery is safe, there are chances for the following risks or complications to occur after the surgery:

• The worst risk found is suffering from brain damage after the surgery which may even cause death.

• The modern drugs which are used by the anesthetists for general anesthesia also carry risks.

• During the first few weeks after the surgery a risk of excessive bleeding is found.

• Few patients may even need another surgery and blood transfusion in order to control the excessive bleeding but it is very rarely seen.

• Cosmetic deformity can be seen due to the procedure of septoplasty which is done along with this surgery.

• There is also a risk of damaging the structure surrounding, like brain or eyes, during the surgical procedures.

• In few people, blindness can be found.

• In few patients, the leakage of Cerebral Spinal Fluid is found around the brain. This may lead to meningitis and even death. But these cases are very rare of less than 1: 1000

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