Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Recovery

For early Endoscopic Sinus Surgery recovery, the patient has to strictly adhere to the instructions provided by the Physician at the time of discharge. During Endoscopic Sinus Surgery recovery period, the patient will be at home and hence the patient should take care of himself with extreme care.

Here are some suggestions for the patient for Endoscopic Sinus Surgery recovery:

Use Nasal Pack for Bleeding: Most commonly, every patient will have bleeding problem after the surgery. The patient should have the nasal pack provided by the Physician. If there is any bleeding, then the patient has to use that nasal pack. If there is excessive bleeding then the patient has to immediately report to the Doctor.

Consume Pain Medications: Even if the patient does not feel discomfort after surgery, he should compulsorily take the prescribed medications. The pain medications have to be taken for every 4 hours for the first 24-36 hours after surgery. After this period of time, the extra strength medicine Tylenol has be consumed for every 4-6 hours if it is prescribed by the Doctor.

Use Cold Back for Swelling: When swelling occurs, the patient can treat it with a cold pack provided by the hospital. To use cold pack, the patient must follow instructions given on the pack and he must contact physician if the swelling persists.

Consume Antibiotics to promote absorption: The patient has to take antibiotics after 7 to 14 days from the date of surgery. Antibiotics can be consumed along with food or liquids. Consuming antibiotics will prevent the patient from nausea and promote absorption for the medication.

Antibiotics should be consumed till the entire course specified by the Physician, it should not be discontinued in between. The patient should not consume diary or milk products while taking antibiotics, since it may inactivate the medicines.

Take Phenergan to cure Nausea: Sinus surgery may sometimes cause nausea. In that case, the patient can use the medicine Phenergan to cure nausea. This will settle the patient’s stomach and make him fall asleep. This medication should be refrigerated until it is used.

Monitor Body Temperature: After the surgery, keep monitoring the patient’s body temperature. If the body temperature goes above 100ºF, then the patient has to meet the physician immediately.

Restrictions in Patient’s Activity: The patient is recommended to stay at home for at least one or two weeks without resuming normal activities. The patient must avoid doing exercises and strenuous activities for minimum two weeks.

The patient should not bend or lift heavy objects for the first week. The patient must sleep in a bed that is adjusted to 45 degrees for 7-10 days. Patient should avoid smoking and consuming alcohol for about 3 weeks for better Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Recovery

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