Side Effects of Sinus Surgery

Sinus Surgery is very much beneficial for people who suffer from infections of chronic sinus. In this surgery, the surgeon clears the blocks or removes the excess tissues present in the sinuses and thus makes it easy for mucus to pass through the sinuses.

Side Effects of Sinus Surgery

It is very necessary to discuss with a Doctor about the possible side effects of Sinus Surgery before undergoing it. Common side effects of Sinus Surgery are listed below:

Bleeding or Blood Discharge: Bleeding is commonly found during the initial days after the sinus surgery. This bloody discharge after the surgery can block the sinuses temporarily and leads to difficulty in breathing with the help of nose.

If the bleeding is found to be normal it resolves with no further treatment. But if the bleeding is very severe and persistent then the patient must contact the Doctor immediately and undergo some surgical intervention additionally.

Nasal or Sinus Infection: After the sinus surgery, the patient may develop a risk of increasing sinus or nasal infections. Due to sinus infections, the patient may have irritation in the nasal area. This can be reduced by antibiotic treatments.

Leakage of Cerebral Spinal Fluid: Any damage to the bone found at the top portion of the sinus can cause serious complications. Cerebral spinal fluid leakage is the main problem found due to the damage of this bone. This problem can also cause a serious infection called meningitis which is considered to be a life threatening one.

In some cases the bone which is damaged will repair by itself without having any further medications. But if the leakage continues and becomes persistent then it requires a surgery for the repair of the affected area. The symptoms of meningitis includes: severe head ache, high fever, feeling of stiff neck etc. The patient should immediately contact the Doctor in this case.

Blurred Vision: There can be damage of optic nerves during sinus surgery. In this case the patient may have cloudy or blurred vision or there may be a temporary loss of vision. This problem will be resolved when the patient starts to recover after the surgery.

Decreased Smelling Sense: The decreased smelling sense is also due to the damage of nerves. It is very rare but the patient should consult a Doctor if the problem persists.

Oral Numbness: The oral numbness is again due to damage of nerve and it is temporary. A tingling effect on the upper teeth can be experienced as a side effect but it will heal in few weeks after the sinus surgery.

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