Bariatric Surgery - What are the Risk Factors Involved?

Bariatric surgery risks are the factors to be considered whenever a patient has undergone any type of bariatric surgery in any of the reputed surgical institution. Though so many factors may be attributed to the occurrence of surgery risks in patients who have undergone bariatric surgery, the specific bariatric surgery risks like occurrence of continuous vomiting, gastric intussusceptions etc. need to be given more specific emphasis.

The complications subsequent to the occurrence of such events indicate that that these conditions need immediate rectification. Because of the surgical risks due to technical error in surgery or in situations wherein the patient has not followed the precautions provided after the surgery, ultimately the reputation of the bariatric surgery center may be lost. Hence, both the doctor and the patient need to be more careful in preventing the bariatric surgery risks.

Skin and bariatric surgery risks

In patients who have undergone some type of bariatric surgery, skin may get loosened and hence, one has to watch carefully the skin for it’s regular elasticity and if any abnormality like the loss of elasticity is encountered, immediately the problem needs to be looked into and this can be corrected by plastic surgery. Hence, loose skin may be considered as one of the bariatric surgery risks.

Occurrence of hernia as a risk of bariatric surgery

If there is weakening of gastro intestinal regions in the body, then hernia may occur and hence, the patient has to watch his or her abdomen carefully to find any swelling in the abdomen and if so, the surgeon has to be approached immediately. The hernia has to be corrected and if not, rupture may occur during the occurrence of these types of bariatric surgery risks.

Frequent diarrhea

There are occasions wherein the patients subsequent to the bariatric surgery experience diarrhea in a frequent manner and perhaps, the worm burden has to be ruled out as a priority before attributing the cause to this type of bariatric surgery risks.

A patient has to be apprised of the bariatric surgery risks in a more systematic manner, so that there may be maximal cooperation from the patient and for this purpose, the patient needs to be educated with models on the types of bariatric surgery risks that are likely to occur. The complications that happened earlier in any other surgical institutions need to be enquired and collectively, guidelines should be framed. These guidelines naturally will vary depending on the type of surgery.


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