After Bariatric Surgery - What Next?

After bariatric surgery, any patient has to follow the technical suggestions put forth by the skilled surgeons who performed these specialized bariatric surgical practices and often, one has to encounter complications if the technical suggestions are carried out in less careful manner, several complications including pre mature death may occur in those patients. Hence, patients need to be more careful in the follow up procedures after bariatric surgery.

One has to experience not only the surgical stress but also has to experience financial stress because of the involvement of related expenditures involved after bariatric surgery. Cost factor is the factor that is always to be considered before and after the execution of different types of bariatric surgical practices like gastroplasty, gastro by pass, application of gastric bands.

Often, meetings and seminars are being recently carried out, detailing the merits and demerits of the bariatric surgical practices both at national and international levels. In all these gatherings, meticulously, the technical suggestions are described, so that the patient regardless of origin or religion get benefited and infact, research is also being carried out in a more systematic manner to find out both the surgical and medical problems that are likely to occur after bariatric surgery.

After bariatric surgery, one has to monitor on the proper healing of the surgical wound created by insertion of equipment like laparoscope etc. The cost factor also needs to be taken care of after bariatric surgery and if the expenditures made during the surgical practice are not met out properly, then legal proceedings will come to effect during such occasions.

In certain patients, bleeding may occur at the surgical site within the body and in these occasions, it becomes difficult to diagnose and however, one has to look for the signs of pain due to the development of peritonitis etc. Additionally, hematological investigation needs to be carried out after bariatric surgery regularly and this will be of more helpful in ruling out anemia, dehydration, infection etc.

If any one ask about the precautions to be followed after bariatric surgery, most of the surgeons who work in the bariatric surgical institutions often quote on the already framed guide lines required for such patients who have recently undergone these specialized surgical interventions. If one is not careful after bariatric surgery, complications like occurrence of infection may happen in the operated sites and these will be normally prevented by adaptation of strict hygienic measures during the performing of surgery.


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