Bariatric Bypass Surgery

Bariatric bypass surgery is a specialized surgical practice that is being carried out by skilled surgeons and the surgical intervention perhaps may not be carried out immediately in any patient and unless the surgeon is satisfied on the clinical condition of the patient, attempts will not be made for suggesting this type of surgery in the patient.

Hence, the patient has to first assess on the reputation of the medical institution in carrying out this bariatric bypass surgery and the cost factor involved in this type of surgical procedure is to be assessed by patient as a priority before undergoing the operation in any of the specialized surgical institution.

Bariatric bypass surgery primarily is related to the surpassing of digestive functions of major gastro-intestinal regions especially the various gastro intestinal areas involved in digestion, assimilation, absorption etc. and most of the times, pylorus may be bypassed and similarly, the specific intestinal segments like first part of small intestine called duodenum may be bypassed along with the initial parts of jejunum-the successive segment of duodenum in small intestine.

It is to be noteworthy to mention that the distal part of jejunum of small intestine is surgically attached with the smaller portion of stomach region created in the proximal part of stomach, in such cases. Bariatric bypass surgery is carried out mainly by reputed surgical institutions and ordinary hospital will not carry out these types of surgeries because of the complications that are likely to develop after the surgery and lack of trained medical personnel in this type of surgery.

Bariatric bypass surgery related with gastric bypassing basically interferes not only in the digestive functions but also in filling activities of stomach. Hence, the patient who has undergone this type of surgical intervention may not eat more. Additionally, when compared to the quantity of materials eaten by the patient, the quantum of energy derived from the food becomes less.

Hence, often patient is being asked to go for food materials that can undergo better digestion. Since the portion of stomach is totally bypassed by food materials in patients who have undergone this special type of surgical intervention, digestive functions get modified effectively but to the patient’s benefit, often.

This principle of bypassing helps in reduction of body weight in extremely obese patients who generally attempts to undergo this bariatric bypass surgery in gastro intestinal region in any of the surgery center dealing with specific gastro intestinal surgeries, especially the bariatric surgical procedures. Overall, bariatric bypass surgery is to be carried out mainly for a definite weight loss purpose.


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