Dos and Don’ts After Varicose Vein Surgery

Your legs are tightly bandaged in compression bandages after varicose vein surgery in order to handle swelling and bleeding. The other symptom you can expect after varicose vein surgery is bruising. However, you will need very little time in the recovery room.

Any day prevention is better than cure, so you can search for an effective way of strengthening your veins and go in for natural treatments like herb horse chestnut.

Always Follow Doctor’s Instructions Carefully

You have to follow the instructions dictated by the doctor when you get back home after varicose vein surgery and make sure you meet the doctor often. You must also avoid standing or sitting for long hours after varicose vein surgery.

Get help from friends and family for your housework, as it is a bad idea to strain after varicose vein surgery. Try keeping your legs elevated when you lie down and when you sit.

Walking is another very important exercise; however, do not walk too much that poises strain to your legs. You have to get into the habit of walking right after varicose vein surgery but keep it very low, as you would not want the bleeding to start off.

You can use stockings or bandages as advised by the doctor after varicose vein surgery. In some cases right after varicose vein surgery swelling and bleeding start off, and in other cases severe pain in the legs, fever, shortness of breath, pain in the neck and chest, etc start showing up where you would have to seek medical attention immediately.

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