Varicose Vein Surgery Recovery Time – Now Reduced to Great Extent

Varicose veins are generally blue in color that bulge out and are twisted that can be seen through the person’s skin. When these varicose veins are not treated appropriately, problems like fatigue, heavy legs, pain, and itchiness come into existence. A commonly used varicose vein surgery technique called vein stripping includes removing and excising large veins and small tributaries of veins.

The Possible Risks of Varicose Vein Surgery

When you talk about varicose vein surgery recovery you have to be aware of the possible risks associated and the major risk is blood clotting. The other side effects include allergic reactions, problem with breathing, infections, as well as bleeding. You must be aware of all this before getting into the surgery.

What is required of you post the varicose vein surgery is for the varicose vein surgery recovery is to deal with the possibility of swelling and bleeding. The other thing you would have to deal with in varicose vein surgery recovery is the wounds, which come as a result of incisions done surgically that might require applying bandages in order to protect those areas.

Doctors usually suggest using compression stockings for varicose vein surgery recovery that requires the patient to bandage his/her legs tightly for 36 hours post the surgery. After 36 hours, the legs are wrapped up again tightly for a few weeks together after the surgery.

You might have to consume very mild analgesics as a part of varicose vein surgery recovery. Added to all of the above, the patient will have to take shortness of breath walks that last about five to ten minutes. Usually, varicose vein surgery recovery is done within a fortnight following which the patient can resume to his/her normal day-to-day activities.

Based on a couple of factors the varicose vein surgery costs vary. You can look into foreign countries if you do not want to shell out on a lot of cash for this surgery especially countries like India where the treatment is very good but the costs are less when compared to US and Western Europe.

Because of the advanced technologies, varicose vein surgery recovery time is reduced to a great extent that makes the surgeries very suitable for us.

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