An Advanced Option – Varicose Vein Laser Surgery

Varicose vein laser surgery is a procedure that is endovenous also called EVLT that involves the usage of radiofrequency energy along with laser beams of light. These kinds of varicose veins surgeries can be done at any clinic in about an hour. Varicose vein laser surgery is a more advanced option when compared to sclerotherapy.

A Noninvasive No Scar Method

Varicose vein laser surgery involves having a small sized catheter or a laser fiber being inserted into the varicose veins after which radiofrequency energy or laser light beams are transmitted to the veins that shrink them and cause them to shut, and so this form of varicose vein laser surgery is called a “no surgery, no-scar” method that removes painful varicose veins. Nowadays, EVLT is considered to be the best option with regards to varicose vein removal.

The positive aspects to undergoing varicose vein laser surgery is that the lasers that are used are very accurate and do not cause any collateral damage, and this treatment can be used on any kind of color or skin. The American Academy Dermatology has taken varicose vein laser surgery as the most effective one for varicose vein removal, which has very few side effects.

All the patients who opt for varicose vein laser surgery are making the right choice, as it is not painful and not painful because there are no incisions made or needles inserted. Patients just feel a slight pinch when the laser beam on the skin makes a contact. Prior to and post the varicose vein laser surgery your skin will be comforted by cooling it.

Post the varicose vein laser surgery, you might experience redness or swelling on the skin that will go away soon. Discoloration is another thing you might have to expect. Anyway, the treatment is a 20-minute procedure, and if you varicose veins are very bad, then you might have to undergo two or more procedures to completely get rid of the varicose veins.

Varicose vein surgery recovery is fast with so many advanced technologies that have come up. All that needs to be done is to get over the effect of anesthesia and at the most a night in the hospital.

There are several kinds of lasers that can be used in varicose vein laser surgery and the doctor usually makes a decision on what is best for your case. The various alternatives include yellow light and green light lasers as well as intense pulse lights.

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