Laser prostate surgery side effects and how to tackle it!

Laser prostate surgery is an advanced form of surgery for curing enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. In this, basically a high concentration of light is used to remove the tissue. Most of us ponder over the issue whether laser surgery is suitable for enlarged prostate. It is a superior method to all other surgeries. However there are a few side effects that can be linked to this type of surgery.

There can be certain complications which can be related to this type of surgery. There can be a number of dangers that can be linked to this type of surgery. Post surgery there might be a risk of blood in the urine, painful urination as well as infection. Among these, infection is quite uncommon. This will subside after a couple of days or several weeks.
Erectile dysfunction is another side effect caused due to the surgery. This may cause erection problems in men. This can be due to the fact that the nerves near the prostate might get removed. However there are treatments for this type of problem. Temporary incontinence is another side effect of laser surgery. The amount of trouble caused due to this may vary from person to person. Its symptoms include an urgent need to urinate, inability to empty the bladder completely, or involuntary urination after sneezing, coughing or physical exertion.
Sometimes people also lose the ability to produce semen after surgery. Thus it is advised to the men who wish to have children that they need to preserve their sperm or banked prior to the prostate surgery. If the prostate is not completely removed then this may decrease the sperm production.

Partial prostate removal can also lead to retrograde ejaculation. In this the semen is redirected to the bladder on ejaculation. This can lead to infertility and is incurable.

Bladder cramping is yet another complication after prostate laser surgery. As a result the patient might face urinary emergency. The glands and the walls of the bladder are weakened to a large extent. However this complication will vanish with time.

Some of the severe side effects are: severe pain in the urethra and in most cases; building of scar tissues. These can cause blockages in the urethra and hence the person might feel difficulty while urinating. Patient may feel burning sensation while urinating. Mild pain and anti-inflammatory medications can help the person in such cases. Person might also experience blood in the urine. However this might sustain for only a week. General or spinal anesthesia is yet another disadvantage of laser prostate surgery.

However, you need not worry much since some of the side effects are irreversible. Hence it is always advisable to seek your doctor’s approval before going for laser prostate surgery. You can also research on the internet and do what exactly is required keeping in mind your health. This is necessary for a peaceful mind to rest in your soul.

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