Side effects of prostate surgery

All of you might be aware that the prostate surgery is often seen as a solution for curing enlarge prostate or cancer. However there are certain side effects that can be attributed to this problem. There have been many reports by doctors and health care institutions that prove the above statement.

Before taking your decision to go for prostate surgery, it is really important to consult your doctor and get his advice. A number of people suffer from this problem of prostate enlargement as they age. Doctors suggest that prostate surgery is required in case of cancer however there are other options as well in case of enlarged prostate.

Apart from surgery, drug therapies and other non surgical operations can also be done. Thus before taking any decision of going for a prostate surgery you must also consider a number of aspects relating to one’s physical health.

One of the side effects of the prostate surgery is Urinary Dysfunction. This means that the patient experiences pain while urinating. This is a very common side effect and can be seen in most of the post prostate surgery cases. Erectile Dysfunction is yet another side effect that is experienced by the patients who are getting surgical treatment for themselves. This happens since the nerves that are present near the prostate get removed during the surgery. However it is not much to be worried about since there are treatments available for erectile dysfunction.

Bowel Dysfunction is another result of prostate surgery. It may be due to the damage caused to rectum. The patient may also be subject to pain and bleeding. However this is short term since this the pain and bleeding will easily disappear in a few weeks or months. The patient can also go for some additional treatment in case both of these symptoms do not disappear.

Infertility can also be something that may be a cause of worry to the patient. This has been reported by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The basic reason for infertility is due to the fact that the seminal vesicles as well as prostate are removed on the account of surgery. The person may also face trauma which might be yet another reason for infertility.

Premature and Retrograde ejaculation is another side effect which patient may have to bear. Premature ejaculation means the release of the semen before a man reaches climax during the sexual intercourse. In retrograde ejaculation, the semen enters the bladder and can mix up with the urine.

Hence these are some of the bad impacts of the prostate surgery which one may have to face. Hence it is always better to consult your doctor before reaching any final step. You must think of all the complications and problems as well as the negative and positive aspects of getting a surgical treatment for yourself. This is really important since your health is in your hands. If you make a small mistake, it can cost you severely.

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