Some Concerns You Need To Know About Laser Eye Operation

Even if laser eye operations are said to be reliable and harmless, you may have be a bit hesitant to undergo such a surgery. Are you amongst those who have many unsolved queries that make you feel anxious about the thought of laser eye operation? Then you must discuss with your doctor and sort out all the issues try to get answers for all your doubts regarding the surgery. Leave all your inhibitions aside and ask your questions to the doctor. Keep in mind that you have all the rights to educate yourself about the pros and cons of this surgical treatment.

Request The Doctor To Explain About The Procedure

Make sure you are familiar with all the steps regarding the eye operation. When on a pre consultation session with your doctor, request him or her to describe the surgical procedure. A good doctor would always keep their patients well informed about the progress and the side effects of the process and also encourage questions. If you are one of those who want to take up a LASIK eye surgery, you should know all the three stages – setting up the flap on the tissue in the cornea, reshaping the cornea below the flap and then changing the position of the flap. You may, however, not be familiar with many medical terminologies. Do not feel shy to request your doctor to explain or put n simple words the terminologies that are used while explaining the process of the laser eye operation. You can also insist your doctor to explain the process with the help of images, charts or any such visual presentations.

Ask For Sedatives If Need Be

Laser eye surgeries are performed quickly by the surgeon, say one minute, where the patient is not given any anesthesia and is active. Bearable pain and some discomfort is just what a patient may have to go through during this surgical process. But if you don’t want to even feel the slightest of the discomfort you can ask for and the doctor may put you on a placid sedative or an anesthetic eye drops while the surgeon works on your eyeballs. If you have been put on a sedative during the surgery then it would be advised not to drive on your own back home, instead call for a taxi or get someone with you who can drive back to your house. A sedative generally effects the motor skills making you incapable of taking over you’re the wheels while on the roads.

Learn The Probable Side Effects

Never ever overlook the risks of the ill effects that may crop up post surgery. Though there are only a few patients who have complained of side effects, it is better to take all the precautions before you get yourself a laser eye surgery done. This way you can avert any possibility of unnecessarily suffering from the side effects of the eye surgery.

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