Laser Eye Care – Pamper your Eyes

Laser eye surgery is very popular among all but it comes to eye care and treatment we do not remember that such treatment exists and do not consider this remedy. People who already victims of eye problems are hesitant to go for this surgery as they are scared by the painful surgery and other side effects. The other aspect is that people are away from this treatment due to its cost. Luckily all healthcare insurance companies’ covers the cost of these eye surgeries so funds should not be a problem for people suffering from poor vision. Are you suffering vision problems but still undecided about the laser eye surgery as you are scared about some fact or other? If it is so then the following facts with help you to take a decision as soon as possible.

Painless But Itchy

This laser eye surgery is a very simple and painless surgery unlike the one you have seen in your television screen. The doctor fastens your eyelids and the whole process takes place in your eye balls but it is not at all painful. The area to be treated is made numb through injections or eye drops. So you do not feel the pain or uneasiness at all. This numbness lasts till the surgery is over and once it wears off one generally feel itchy sensation around your eye balls which are bearable and also fades off after few hours of the surgery.

Is It Time-consuming?

Laser eye surgery takes about only 30 to 45 seconds and is done very swiftly. It is usually the mapping of the eye and eyesight and other preparations that take a longer time. Doctors take time to do this mapping accurately hence taking a longer time to avoid errors and other complications thereafter.

The Healing Period

Thus laser eye surgery is a painless, fast and harmless surgery. It usually takes only takes half an hour for the patient to recover from this surgery and drive home safely all by themselves. The doctor advice the patients two to three days rest and to stay away from their daily chores so that the eyes get set. This will also help avoid complications and other side effects.

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