PRK Laser Eye Surgery – Get Back To Your Normal Life

In this digital era most of our time is spent in front of the computers. As years pass by due to the long hours our eyes get strained and also tend to have poor eyesight. Luckily you need not go for those cumbersome glasses to get better vision. With laser eye surgery in vogue you poor eyesight can be corrected with PRK laser eye surgery.

The best part of this PRK laser surgery is that you do not have any post hospital stay to get better after the operation. This PRK is an outpatient treatment and one can go home and take rest after this laser surgery.

The Process Of PKR Laser Eye Surgery

The type of refractive correction of the cornea and reforming is the procedure of this PRK laser eye surgery. Powerful laser beams are used to remove some small quantity of tissue from the eye surface to reshape the cornea. The process has accurate laser technology which safe guards the eye. This laser works so rapidly that it removes 39 millionths of an inch of tissue in 12billionths of a second. It sounds like a fairy tale but it is very clear that this laser beam can cut numerous marks of a lock of hair without rupturing it. This is exactly the way the laser pulse work.

We can term the PKR laser eye surgery as a flawless procedure because of its accuracy where there are fewer chances for the doctor to make errors. The technology of PKR laser eye surgery got its approval in the year 1995 by the FDA and ever since there has been only a few insignificant numbers of cases reported as accidents. Moreover almost all the doctors who perform this surgery take further precautions while dealing with their patients.

A person who is to undergo this surgery has to go through a lot of sessions and get the condition of the eyesight recorded in the computer. These data serve as a guide for the doctor to determine the exact position of the tissues that has to be surgically removed during the process of correcting the patient’s vision.

The recovery time is much faster compared to other technologies, rather most of the patients get back to their normal routine and work in just a couple of days after the surgery. The outcome of this advanced technology called the PKR laser eye surgery boosts one’s morale and also supports them to live a life of colors. However there are researches that claim that roughly 5% fo the population undergoing this treatment have to wear their glasses even after the success of the surgery.

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