Penis enlargement surgeries

Penis enlargement surgeries are one subject in which I get a lot of spam in my inbox. It is because that many men are after penis enlargement surgeries (another reason is that my spam blocker is not working properly).

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We understand that more men are not satisfied with the size of the penis. Is that the men or the women who want the size to be increased? Increasing the size of the penis can be done through penis enlargement surgeries.

Either the length or the girth of the penis can be increased or both of them can be increased through penis enlargement surgeries.Researches made on the size of the penis indicate that a flaccid penis can be of length 3.5 to 4 inches.

Even if you are endowed with a smaller one you need not worry about it because the people who have smaller penis have increased sized when they are erect. You have to go to a counseling session if you feel that your penis is very small.

Only after a counseling session you can approach a surgeon for the surgery. Researches say that if the flaccid penis is pulled out it can come up to 4.8 inches in length. These stats should make your comfortable about your penis size.

Penis enlargement surgeries done to increase the length of the penis are done by cutting down the suspension ligament that holds the penis.

Once this ligament is cut down during penis enlargement surgeries the penis no longer points upward when it is erect. It will look downward towards your feet.

This is one of the major disadvantages of having penis enlargement surgeries done. Another disadvantage is that it will move and shift to the sides during sex since the suspension is cut during penis enlargement surgeries.

Increasing the girth of the penis through injection of fat is one method and using a graft of skin and fat is another method. The second one which uses skin graft is more complex.

Injecting fat that is taken from the abdomen and the thighs is common, but the shape of the penis might not be good after such a surgery.

There may be lumps of fat along the shaft of the penis. Moreover these fats get re-absorbed into the body in due course of time leaving the penis with an irregular shape. Consult your surgeon and check the forums meant for that purpose before you decide to have penis enlargement surgeries.

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