Penile implant surgery

A penile implant surgery is one of the methods used for penis enlargement. Penis enlargement using penile implant surgery is used to increase the girth of the penis.

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There are two ways to achieve this using penile implant surgery. One of the ways in penile implant surgery is to inject fat into the penis to make it larger.

Another way is to use plastic tubes or prosthesis inside the penis. The prosthesis if implanted can be inflated at will when necessary. The prosthesis is inserted from underside the penis in to the sides of the urethra.

A reservoir that contains fluid and a pump is also implanted. Whenever the reservoir is given pressure the prosthesis is filled with fluid and the penis becomes larger.

This method of penile implant surgery has also has some complications in it. There could be mechanical failure of the pump and the erosion of the skin and the tissues could happen.

Sometimes the body may not accept the synthetic implants that are inserted in our body. These are some of the drawbacks of a penile implant surgery using prosthesis.

In a penile implant surgery using fat injections the fat can be reabsorbed into our body and the penis might have lumps of fat here and there.

This will make up an ugly look of the penis. To restrict the absorption of fat into our body skin grafting along with fat is used to make the girth of the penis larger.

In this method the penile implant surgery is very complex and it may take several days for the patient to recover from the surgery. Moreover only experienced surgeons can perform such penile implant surgery.

Most of the surgeons do not perform penile implant surgeries because of the complications of the penile implant surgery.Patients who are more matured and know the consequences and the risks and the complications of a penile implant surgery are considered for penile implant surgery.

Due to pain after a penile implant surgery your surgeon may prescribe pain relievers. It is not advisable to take pain relievers for more than a week.It is better to consult your doctor about the pain and have frequent follow ups on the progress of healing after the penile implant surgery.

In some persons infection might occur after the penile implant surgery. Hence antibiotics are prescribed to fight any infections. Sometimes prior to surgery itself antibiotics are given to the patient.

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