Minimally invasive spine surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery are the new advancement in spine surgery. These are called minimally invasive spine surgery procedures because the size of the incision that is made is very small compared to that of the normal procedures.

Usually in all the procedures the surgical incisions that are made are larger and the scars that result after the treatment are also larger.

In minimally invasive spine surgery the incisions are small and hence the resulting scars are also small. In a minimally invasive spine surgery there are equipments available to see the images of the internal organs that is being operated upon.

These images can be seen in a computer monitor where the images very much enlarged. With the magnification that is achieved in such operations the surgeon can clearly see the images and perform the operation.

Such magnifications also makes the surgeon to get a clear and magnified view of the tiny internals. The minimally invasive spine surgery is more advantageous for these reasons when you compare a minimally invasive surgery to the open surgery.

Open surgeries involved remove muscles and the operation are usually performed with general anesthesia. But in a minimally invasive spine surgery the surgery is performed with local anesthesia or with minimum sedation.

During a minimaly invasive spine surgery tiny incisions are made which are used to insert the special equipments needed for the surgery. A endoscope is a device that is used for this purpose.

The endoscope magnifies the area of the operation so that the area is seen clearly by the surgeon. Laser technologies are also used in minimally invasive spine surgery.

Laser assisted surgeries are common now to perform a minimally invasive spine surgery. New devices are being invented for using in such minimally invasive spine surgery.

As the day progresses new refinements are made to these devices and they are becoming more sophisticated to be used in minimally invasive spine surgery.

Microdisectomy is a procedure that is performed for removing the herniated discs. This procedure comes under the category of minimally invasive spine surgery.Recovery of the patient is very quick in this type of minimally invasive spine surgery.

During such microdisectomy since the disc is removed there is a need to fill the gap created by the removal. Spinal implants are done to fill the gaps due to microdisectomy. Bone grafts are used to pack the spinal cage.


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