Abdominoplasty Surgery and Weight Loss

Abdominoplasty surgery is to be carried out by skilled surgical personnel in patients who feel that they carry excess fat and skin in the abdomen and it is a hindrance for them to move with such excess fat and skin in the middle and lower parts of abdomen of body.

Hence, this may be considered as one of the cosmetic surgeries performed on request from the concerned people and of course, by undergoing this type of specialized surgical practice, the patient feels satisfied at the end in general and such a sense makes the people to undergo this type of surgery and as soon as they decide, they look starting for a reputed medical institution that can carry out this type of abdominoplasty surgery.

This abdominoplasty surgery is practiced in persons, particularly in women who have abdomen with over stretched muscles and this extension of muscle fibers in them might often be attributed to the physiological status like acquiring of pregnancy in different periods.

Additionally, this problem of loose skin with loss of elasticity may be encountered in older persons also and in those persons, often, the elasticity of skin in abdomen region of the body might have been lost. Liposuction is one of the step that may be carried out along with abdominoplasty surgery.}

Endocopic abdominoplasty surgery, dermolipectomy, full abdominoplasty, reverse abdominoplasty surgery etc. are the types of abdominoplasty surgeries that are being carried out in suitable patients.

In the actual abdominoplasty surgery, the presence of excess skin and fat are assessed initially by clinical observations and surgeons place later incision from one end of hip to another end of hip and plastic surgeons carry out this operation.

If there is a need of complete abdominoplasty surgery, often general anesthesia is given carefully, so that the patient may take bed rest after the operation. However, in certain cases, incomplete abdominoplasty surgery is done and in this mini abdominoplasty surgery, surgeons are using even local anesthetic.

During the abdominoplasty surgery, the excess skin and fat tissues are removed carefully and at the same time, skin in abdominal region is tightened, hence, the operated patient feels flattened abdomen after undergoing abdominoplasty surgery.

However, one should be careful on the development of complications subsequent to these types of abdominoplasty surgeries. The person who underwent the abdominoplasty surgery may even have infection if the antibiotic is having narrow spectrum of action against microbes or if the medical suggestions after the surgery are not properly followed up.
Some times, the scar may be persisting after the abdominoplasty surgery for a very long time, like one year.

The healing of this type of surgical practice actually depends on many factors like the site of incision, length of incision, extent of care taken by the concerned patient, follow up by the concerned medical expert, type of therapeutic procedures adapted in that patient, habits like smoking, especially a continuous type of smoking by the person etc. Blood clot at the site of incision needs to be avoided by intellectual post operative management after the abdominoplasty surgery.


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