Post Abdominoplasty Surgery - Risks & Recovery Factors

Post Abdominoplasty surgery emphasizes the cautions to be followed up just after the undergoing of the abdominoplasty surgery. Of course, there are many reputed surgical institutions which will have specific guidelines related with this abdominoplasty post surgery.

First, the patient in post abdominoplasty surgery stage should not perform vigorous exercises after the abdominoplasty surgery, there may be disturbances in the sutures and the sutured sites; ultimately, there may be weakening of suture materials and this may cause some leakage of abdominal contents in peritoneum of patient or this may become an entry point for pathogens. Blood clots may occur at the incision site if one is careless in treatment.

Further, the scar may be an extensive one involving the wider areas of the skin and if the operated site is highly disturbed without proper follow up of medical instructions provided, then this will have some definite impact on the period of persistence of scar in patient. Hence, abdominoplasty surgery is the important criteria to be understood, clearly. The scar may not be an extensive one in case of partial or less extensive abdominoplasty.

There are many persons who may develop some kinds of depression after the abdominoplasty surgery and hence, they need to be educated on the kind of this operation to be carried out with them and hence, the patient may be more courageous and firm.

Post abdominoplasty surgery is always given more priority because if clinical precautions are duly followed up, then some patients may even have some difficulties in urination and some may even have building up of fluid in the operated site and in such occasions, one may have to take suitable treatment. Some times, temporarily, incidences of loss of sensation in abdomen may be encountered as one of the complications.

Some patients may undergo constipation, after the abdominoplaty surgery one may have to eat laxatives which may be a natural ones like greens or an artificial stool softening agents. However, the suggestion from medical expert may be given significance.

Simple precaution steps like doing of minimal or moderate exercise will assist the patient in reducing the accumulation of fluid in the operated site. Rarely, due to improper healing, second operation may be required. To avoid complications pertaining to the post abdominoplasty surgery, one should avoid vigorous exercise and if this step is not followed properly, then hernia may occur in the patients.

If contamination of incision site occurs due to the unhygienic practice, then the tissue may become necrotic and gangrene may get established and in such situations, broad spectrum antibiotic needs to be taken along with anti-inflammatory drugs, as per the medical suggestions given by experts. Hence, post abdominoplasty surgery stages need to be taken as more crucial stages to be taken care of, intensely.


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