Abdominoplasty Surgery Overview

Abdominoplasty plastic surgery is now a day highly welcome one by many persons who have excess fat and excess skin in abdomen. The plastic surgeons are associated with the performing of this type of surgery. Women who had pregnancy in multiple occasions and old persons with loss of elasticity of skin may be the persons who turn as patients for the undergoing of this abdominoplasty plastic surgery in reputed surgical institutions.

The abdominoplasty surgery procedure involves placement of incision in the area above pubis and the plastic surgeons by virtue of the specialization take utmost care in placing incision without any serrations at the edge of incisions. These features may be of helpful in the healing of wound that occur during this abdominoplasty plastic surgery.

Abdominoplasty surgery is being considered as an art by skilled plastic surgeons and in the process, the duty of the plastic surgeon starts even well before the surgical remedy. The complete clinical details will be taken care of before the execution of abdominoplasty plastic surgery.

Even prior to the surgery, the features like dehydration, cardiac status will be taken care of and finally, once the surgery is fixed, even the patient will be requested to abstain from smoking like habits and patient is educated on the steps related with abdominoplasty surgery. The plastic surgeon reveals the cost of surgery to the patient clearly.

During the abdominoplasty plastic surgery, the incision is placed above pubic bone from hip bone to hip bone and approximately 2 to 5 hours may be taken for the completion of surgery if it is a complete surgery involving the extensive regions of abdomen and within an hour or a two, the minor or partial abdominoplasty plastic surgery may be completed.

General anesthesia will be the preferred one during the execution of complete type of abdominoplasty surgery.
Unlike in many types of abdominoplasty plastic surgery, the tightening of muscle is not being carried out, if dermolipectomy is performed for the removal of excess fat tissues and loose skin.

Abdominoplasty plastic surgery may comprise technique called as Fleur-de-lis technique which is associated with placement of both mid vertical and lower transverse incisions in abdomen of patient. During the abdominoplasty surgery, maximum care is being undertaken to avoid infection at the incised site and the type of incision of course varies depending on the surgeons who possess various skills.

One should understand on the complications of abdominoplasty surgery like temporary loss of abdominal sensations, development of edema, infection, persistence of scar for a very long period etc. By adapting moderate type of physical activities, it becomes possible to minimize development of blood clot during abdominoplasty plastic surgery.


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