When do the doctors advise for a Perforated Bowel Surgery

A perforated bowel surgery is a treatment used when a hole in intestine causes its contents to be emptied in the abdominal cavity of a human body. This can be a direct result of several diseases like Crohn’s Disease, diverticulitis or any traumatic injury. When the bowel gets perforated it causes its contents to be empties in the abdominal cavity. This leads to blood infection which if ignored can cause immediate death.

A person afflicted with a perforated bowel suffers from high fever and nausea. The patient vomits everything he eats or drinks. This causes dehydration and intense pain in abdomen. These symptoms in a person directly hint to a perforated bowel and the person must be immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment.

As stated before, the perforated bowel can be a result of several diseases. In case patient suffers from crohn’s disease or diverticulitis then his intestines get swelled and inflamed. This causes blockage in bowel as the waste material cannot pass out of the body. Often leads to perforation of bowel.
Practically in all the cases a surgery is done to wash out the abdomen and repair the bowel.

The surgery removes the cause of perforation, any anatomical problem if any and removes the infection causing foreign material. After the surgery there is a very strong dosage of antibiotics to be consumed that suppresses the infection causing microbial, prevent leftover infection and boost the W.B.C (white blood cell growth rate).
Before the patient’s surgery the fluid concentration is brought close to normal by administering Hartmann solution.

The stomach is emptied using nasogastric suction technique, which reduces the vomiting risk. Antibiotics are used to minimize the growth of foreign organism if any.
How the surgery is done? The surgery method totally depends upon the cause of perforation. The waste of bowel is removed by decompressing it using the nasogastric tube.

If there is some hole in the bowel then it is repaired.
After the operation 6-8 weeks is the normal recovery time. The patient is kept under observation in critical care unit. Here special equipment delivers drugs to the patient and display information regarding his blood pressure, heart beat rate etc. The sooner a patient starts walking after the surgery the better it is for the bowel positioning inside the body. In this time span patient is given a strong dosage of antibiotics so that he/she does not get infection again due to left over foreign bodies.

Till 2 months the patient should not do any heavy task but should do light weight exercise. After the recovery the patient is made to pass a series of checkups that determines the success of the surgery.

There are some very noticeable benefits of this surgery like it prevents further diseases, pain, chances of cancer etc. earlier there were risks involved in this surgery like clotting of blood, internal bleeding, and chest and wound infection. But now, since the medical science has made a revolutionary advancement, there are no such risks.

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