Surgery associated with the treatment for prolapsed bowel!

With the term “prolapse”, in simple terms, it means anything which moves out of place. With regards to medical science and any kind of discomfort, by prolapse we mean when certain organs like uterus moves out of place. May be this is the first time you are hearing something but this is a very traumatic condition where the victim finds difficulty in walking even.

Apart from uterus, when the rectum turns itself inside and out and when it comes out through the anus, the state is referred to as “prolapsed bowel”. The complications associated with this disease include severe pain, chronic constipation as well as passage of bowel motions becomes difficult. The worst part is even after passing a bowel motion, the feeling inside the patient’s mind that the bowel is not completely emptied is the biggest problem one may have to bear. This is the most common problem which patients report.

But there is nothing to worry about as there is a definite surgery available for it. The surgery is often referred to as open abdominal surgery. Basically, what do the surgeons do is; they make a cut in the abdomen area. This is done so as to stop the rectum prolapsing.

The surgery involves a lot of complicated things because the underlying organs inside the rectum are moved carefully aside because a little carelessness and it could harm the patient also. Basically, the method used to repair the prolapsed rectum depends on a lot of factors like the severity of rectocele as well presence of other prolapsed structures. But the basic methodology is the one as discussed above. Even though today, so many doctors are doing surgeries, but what matters is to go for that surgeon who has done successful surgeries in the past with 100% outcome.

The possible complications after the surgery is done are: death of the rectal wall, infection, injury to the nearby blood vessels and more. Basically, the probability of such injuries can be minimized if the problem is diagnosed at an early stage and proper action is taken. As prolapsed bowel is caused due to the prolapse of rectum or any other organs! There are number of factors which may cause those tissues to weaken but some prominent factors which are associated with the prolapsing of rectum are: constipation, heavy lifting, repeated childbirth as well as ongoing physical activity.

Surgery is never performed and should neither be performed till some prominent symptoms starts becoming visible and starts interfering in one’s life. A highly specialized doctor can advise you in the right direction. Many-a-times, the need of surgery is not even felt and with the help of anti-biotics only, the patient can be cured. But all this depends on the severity of cases. For this, it is important to seek a medical help if you start noticing some symptoms.

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