What is laser eye surgery?

If you are a person who is having short sight or long sight, then know what is laser eye surgery will help you a lot. A laser eye surgery is one of the modern methods of treating short sightedness, long sightedness, and astigmatism.

More and more people are after laser eye surgery for their treatment of vision problems. There is no pain during a laser eye surgery and after a laser eye surgery.

This is one of the main reasons for going for a laser eye surgery. If you know what a laser eye surgery is then you will also come to know of the benefits it offers.

The patient who is undergoing treatment using laser technologies can go to work the next day of the operation itself. This is one of the main advantages of laser eye surgery.

Knowing what a laser eye surgery is also helps you to determine whether you can opt for such a treatment. Not all those who have refractive vision problems can go for laser eye surgery.

Age of a person is an important factor in deciding whether the patient can go for a laser eye surgery. People who are aged may not get the correct expected vision after a laser surgery.

They may have to wear corrective glasses after the surgery. For patients who have problems in both the eyes, they get the correct vision only after the surgery of both the eyes.

The health of the patient may not allow surgeries on both the eyes simultaneously. Hence a few months is left before performing an operation on the other eye.

There are different types of laser eye surgeries available. The type of laser that is used is a differentiator and also the flap removal methods used also differentiate the surgeries.

PRK and Lasik are the most popular types of laser eye surgeries available. PRK is a method that done as an outpatient procedure. The laser eye surgery using PRK method takes only a few minutes.

Another method called the Lasik is a complex method when compared to the PRK method. Lasik method is used to treat all types of short sights.With the lasik procedure a patient can immediately drive and is supposed to have good vision in a week’s time.

Knowing what a laser eye surgery is will help you decide on the method that can be used to correct the vision problems. It will also help you to understand the benefit of going for the different types of laser eye surgery.


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