Keratomileusis - Heart of Lasik

"Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis" stands for Lasil. The Meaning for Keratomileusis is carving of the cornea in order to reshape it. Their procedures work the way that they do because this is the heart of Lasik.

The most effective type of eye corrective surgery is Laser eye surgery. The most advanced laser in the World called Excimer is used with Lasik.

For the Lasik procedures this laser was specifically designed which does the job with amazing success. When it comes to Lasik the entire process is reshaping of the cornea. The entire way of your vision and eye changes, by reshaping the cornea.

It is safe and successful each and every time, but at first it may sound like a dangerous procedure. Very few side effects and instant results are there.This result cant be got from many other procedures.

Reshaping the cornea is a great solution, for no matter what type of vision impairment you are suffering from. The most advanced and the newest technology in the world Lasik has at its disposal.

In the world they not only has this, but still have the best eye doctors. We need the best doctor in the world in order for this procedure to work to its full extent.

The best doctors in the world are required in order for a procedure to work to its full extent. Depending on your vision impairment Lasik can be a complicated procedure, but this procedure can be done always.

This type of procedure is one time procedure. There is no need for you to go back and have it redone time and time again.The procedure of reshaping your cornea can be undone or redone but never has to be.

When compared to other eye surgeries this procedure has a small complication statistics. . With this procedure you can go ahead without feeling doubt or fear since it has got only 5% complication rate.


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