Complications of Lasik

When you compare the complications with Lasik and other eye procedure, its very few with Lasik.

From the Lasik eye surgery alone the patient's encountered complication is just only 5%. When it comes to any type of surgery the risks are there, but with Lasik the risks are low.

When it comes to laser eye surgery there are 6 main complications that occur to some people they are:

1. The sensitivity, which is caused by Light

2. The contract Sensitivity

3. Regression o Irregular astigmatism

4. The Glare or Halos

You may reconsider them if they are irreversible or else these may not sound like serious complications.

Following the surgery some of these complication may be experienced only briefly as a side effect following the surgery and then you will get your vision restored to normal.

The persons who continue on for lengths of time have endured laser complication will be those 5%.

The rare part in a laser eye surgery or any other eye surgery is complications, which you get. Millions of people have recovered with great success is with the Laser eye surgery, since it is a simple procedure.

Those who had got complications have an option to under go the laser treatment for second time. This can reduce many complications cases. Most people will not choose this option.

To live with this complication we need to learn these complications. Today when you compare with many other styles of laser eye surgeries the complication is few only in Lasik.

This is the factor that you should consider if you are looking into eye surgery for yourself. The least amount of complications should only be there in which style you choose.


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