Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic Surgery) - With Photos References

People suffering from jaw related problems, had to endure the pain and associated troubles like breathing trouble and eating trouble. Of late orthodontists and doctors have multiple recovery paths for them. For people with severe troubles, where simple orthodontist procedures do not yield result, orthognathic surgery is required.

Orthognathic surgery has advanced through the years and become pretty simple these days. A lot of information is available about the surgery with the doctors and hospitals. Even the internet has abundant information about orthognathic surgery and a searcher can even pick a photo or two about the surgery and its results.

When a patient requires orthognathic surgery, first the doctor will perform an initial evaluation of the patient, which would consist of finding out his medical history, the problem, and will involve a photo session of the patient’s mouth, bite, jaws for records and also for making models of the same.

Patients should use this time to inquire and get all details from the doctor regarding the orthognathic surgery, its complications, cost, photo proof of some pre and post surgery cases, risks involved etc. Computer imaging is also done during this pre orthognathic surgery period, to capture video images of still or movements that a traditional photo or x-ray cannot capture. After that the planning for the surgery takes place and the pre-operative preparations are performed.

A few weeks prior to the orthognathic surgery, surgical wires or hooks will be placed on the patients braces to keep the teeth in place during the surgery, and another photo session will be undertaken to capture images. The surgery as such is generally minor and a small procedure and can be conducted on an outpatient basis in most cases.

Post surgery the patient has to adhere to some constraints during the recovery period, mainly in his or her diet and physical activity. Doctors normally take pictures of the post orthognathic surgery jaw, teeth, bite etc, so that the patient can compare the relevant pre and post surgery photo to see the difference.

Check out this url for pictures and photos related to orthognathic surgery done Orthognatic Surgery (both before and after pictures)

Current advancements in orthognathic surgery have taken the field beyond the photo age, to involve digital imaging techniques, with computers to simulate the anticipated changes in a patient’s face after the surgery. These are mainly important for patients who undertake the orthognathic surgery for cosmetic purposes, in order to improve their facial appearances to see a photo showing how they’ll look after the surgery. This helps set the expectation correct in the minds of the patient as well as surgeon.



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