Cost Details of Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic Surgery)

People suffer from jaw related problems due to a variety of reasons – these might be birth or genetic related or can be caused during the growth of bones and teeth. These in turn cause difficulty in breathing or chewing and cause pain to the patient.

Orthognathic surgery is used in cases where the problem cannot be cured in the orthodontist’s facility or when the patient does not worry about the cost, but want the results more quickly. In case of a minor fix like the ones with braces etc, the orthognathic surgery can be avoided but the patient will have to wear the braces for a very long time as the progress is a slow one, and the cost is generally lesser. But in case of the surgery, the results are quicker and also the recovery times are very less.

Over recent times, orthognathic surgery has become very simple and safe and the cost of the surgery has also reduced to a large extent. This is due to the advancements in medicine and surgery fields in general and in Orthognathic surgery in particular. Further another reason for the reduction in the orthognathic surgery cost is the increase in number of surgeries that are being handled.

Orthognathic surgery cost depends on the particular surgery that is being performed, its complications and also depends on specific hospitals and geographical areas and even countries. For e.g. countries like CostaRica are performing orthognathic surgery at a very low cost, compared to countries like united states. Patients planning to undergo orthognathic surgery should make sufficient inquiries to their doctor regarding the surgery, surgery procedures, risks, cost estimates and alternate treatments available etc.

Further they should choose a hospital that is known for its quality rather than just on the basis of cost alone. Also, patients should ensure that the when then estimate the cost of the surgery, they should consider the cost of the surgery, surgeon fees, other hospital expenses like stay, anesthesia cost, cost of medicines, any treatment or facility or nursing required during the recovery period etc.

Insurance companies also provide coverage for orthognathic surgery and will reimburse the cost of the surgery. Patients should confirm with their insurance providers regarding their specific insurance plans, surgery details and get the coverage information before undergoing the surgery



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