Lower eyelid surgery

The lower eyelid surgery is otherwise called the Blepharoplasty. The term blepharoplasty covers all the types of eyelid surgery.

The lower eyelid surgery is performed to reduce the excess fat under the eyes and to reduce the bags and puffiness found in under the eyes.

A lower eyelid surgery usually takes between one to three hours and the results of such a lower eyelid surgery is long lasting. Drooping skin of the eyelids are also corrected with a lower eyelid surgery.

The looks of your eyelid will show your age. As the age progresses the eyelid muscles changes in size and shape and this leads to sagging and bulges under the eyes. Fat removal from the eyelid muscles is necessary to improve the appearance through lower eyelid surgery.

A lower eyelid surgery can be done along with other cosmetic surgeries to improve the look of your face. The facial surgeries like the face lift surgery and the brow lift surgery are usually accompanied by a lower eyelid surgery.

A lower eyelid surgery improves the confidence of a person as with other types of surgeries. A lower eyelid surgery is a part of the efforts taken to improve your looks.

It is not going to totally change your looks but will improve your looks. Any cosmetic surgery like a lower eyelid surgery should be discussed with your surgeon before you decide to take up that surgery since the results may not be as you expect.

Sometimes you may not get the desired result and there might a need for re-surgery or a corrective surgery to get the desired result. Hence it is always better to discuss with your surgeon before you decide on a lower eyelid surgery.

To be a candidate for a lower eyelid surgery you have to be psychologically and physically stable and willing to face the results of a cosmetic surgery.

People who have problems in the thyroid, dry eyes, high BP, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases should take extra precautions and discuss with their surgeon to get a lower eyelid surgery done. These candidates are at high risk to take a lower eyelid surgery.

Sometimes after a surgery there may be a pull down of the lower lid and this may look different in the person and spoil the looks. This kind of complications can occur and this needs a second lower eyelid surgery. Difficulty in sleeping is also experienced by some patients.

After a surgery the patient has to follow the instructions given by the doctor for speedy recovery. Keeping head elevated and cleaning your eyes for few days after surgery is needed.


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