Laser eye surgery risks

As with any other surgery the laser eye surgery risks are also there in an eye surgery. Although the laser eye surgery risks are not vision threatening ones, there are very rare cases the cornea has to be replaced.

But these laser eye surgery risks are very rare. One of the laser eye surgery risks is the infection of the cornea after a PRK or Lasik laser eye surgery.

It is found that the patients who have undergone eye surgery using the PRK method are the ones who are found to have infection of the cornea mostly than the patients with lasik eye surgery.

The infections cause a delayed healing. The other laser eye surgery risks are to determine the extent to which your eye will respond to a laser eye surgery.

Under correction or over correction is one of the laser eye surgery risks that might happen and it needs corrective lenses after the procedure. Sometimes another surgery might be required to correct these problems.

Laser eye surgery risks like irregular tissue removal and development of corneal haze is possible after a laser eye surgery. Corneal haze is a part of the healing process. In some cases it will become a problem.

The doctor will check the patient to determine the nature of the corneal haze. Another treatment to correct this problem is also one of the laser eye surgery risks.

Over a period of time some patients may experience that the corrected problem reappears. In these cases a second treatment is necessary. Optical effects like halo effects are among the other laser eye surgery risks.

If the patient has this effect the patient might see another image like a shade in dim lights. This kind of defects would affect the patient during night driving.

Patient who have undergone a PRK or Lasik is found to have this halo effect. Flap damage, loss of flap, and distorted flap are the other laser eye surgery risks that are found in patients who undergo Lasik laser eye surgery. With these problems another surgery is required.

Sometimes during a surgery the surgery might be stopped due to malfunction of the laser equipment. This is also one of the laser eye surgery risks.

This might affect the patients who are undergoing a lasik surgery most since the lasik eye surgery is more complicated than the procedures like PRK. The age of the patient plays an important role in the laser eye surgery.

Corrective lenses for the aged patients are necessary even after a lasik or PRK surgery. Another problem with such old patients is that if they have problems in both their eyes then surgery in one eye is performed and then after a few months the eye is also treated.

In between the two surgeries the patient may find it difficult to read without reading glasses. Only after both the eyes are treated they will feel comfort with their vision.


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