Laser eye surgery cost

The laser eye surgery cost varies from region to region and it also depends on the type of surgery that is performed on a person. There are many factors that influence the laser eye surgery cost.

The laser eye surgery cost is mentioned for one eye and not for both the eyes. The approximate laser eye surgery cost is more than thousand dollars and in the range of 1500 to 2000 dollars.

The extent to which a surgery is done is also factor that influences the laser eye surgery cost. It is found that lasik laser eye surgery cost is around 2000 dollars.

There are different types of business models available in performing a laser eye surgery. Some of the doctors hire the equipments needed for the surgery from other clinics.

They use the infrastructure available in other clinics and perform the operation. In such a model the cost of hiring the infrastructure is added to the fees in addition to the surgeon fees.

The laser eye surgery cost depends on the clinic from which the equipments needed are hired. The doctor uses those facilities and performs the surgery in that center.

This enables them not to setup an costly infrastructure. If you compare the custom lasik procedure with that of the traditional lasik procedure you would find that the custom lasik procedure is more costly than the custom lasik procedure.

In a custom lasik procedure the extent to which accuracy of the vision is maintained is high. Moreover the equipments needed for a custom lasik procedure is also costly when compared to the equipments used in a traditional laser eye surgery.

This is the main reason for the high laser eye surgery cost in a custom lasik procedure. Use of intralase technology adds to the cost of the laser eye surgery.

There are many websites that provide you information about the laser eye surgery cost. Comparative cost of all the regions are also provided by these sites.

Graphical representation comparing the laser eye surgery cost gives you an idea of the cost in different regions in the country. The technologies like intralase and wavefront, used in a custom laser eye surgery are the main factor that contributes to the high laser eye surgery cost in the custom lasik method.

The use of these technologies alone increases the cost by about $500 per eye for the custom surgery. You have to check that whether proper testing of the eyes is also included in the cost of the laser eye surgery.

Proper testing is very important for any surgery to avoid any future complications. When you discuss with your surgeon it is better to clarify with him the items that are included in the fees and the items that are not included in the fees. Also clarify the payment options available for the surgery.


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