Laser eye surgery astigmatism

Laser eye surgery to treat astigmatism is very common now-a-days. Different types of laser eye surgery are available to treat astigmatism.

It is the choice of the surgeon to select one that suit the condition of the patient so that the vision is corrected to the maximum possible. Advancements in the field of laser eye surgery have made it possible to do a laser eye surgery for astigmatism in the shortest duration possible.

The patient also recovers very quickly after the surgery. Reshaping the cornea is the key to correcting the vision problems in a person. In order to correct the cornea, laser is used.

Before the cornea is corrected access to the cornea has to be provided through a flap that is cut in the stroma. After the flap is created the cornea is accessible for the laser.

Laser beams are directed at the cornea to remove some tissues to correct the vision problems like astigmatism. Thus a laser eye surgery for astigmatism is performed.

Lasik is a type of surgery that can be used as a laser eye surgery for astigmatism. Lasik is also used to correct myopia and hyperopia.

In a lasik laser eye surgery for astigmatism, the flap is made in the outer layer of the cornea to access the tissues of the cornea. One another laser eye surgery for treating astigmatism is the Lasek.

In a lasek surgery the flap is made in the epithelium using alcohol solution. It is found that the lasek surgery has the benefits of both the lasik surgery and the other type of surgery called the PRK. PRK stands for photorefractive keratectomy.

In a PRK laser eye surgery for astigmatism, ultraviolet radiation is used as the laser to reshape the cornea or to remove tissues in the cornea. The cornea can be reshaped with ultraviolet laser beam without the need for a flap cut.

Another type of laser eye surgery for astigmatism which is new to the field is the LTK. This is called the laser thermo keratoplasty. In this method the heat in the laser beam is used to reshape the cornea and thus to correct the vision problems.

It takes a few seconds to perform this procedure. Creating flaps and access to the tissues in the cornea for removal as in other surgeries are not needed in the LTK method of laser eye surgery for astigmatism.

Thus the laser eye surgeries form a major part in treating vision problems now. You can contact any eye surgeon for the type of laser surgery that can be used for your vision problems.


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